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I Have a Wild Jam Session Going on in My Subconscious Mind-wk16

Our Master Key assignment this week is to:

=I.  Add 3 new Flash Cards for each of our 4 Colors/Shapes with the Color/Shape missing, Message missing, & Date missing. 

My 4 Colors/Shapes are:

== Red Circle: TRUE HEALTH
I’m shedding 15 more lbs by 3/31/2011.

== Blue Rectangle: Business
I am working with 2 Strong Biz Leaders by 3/31/2011.

== Yellow Square: HELPING OTHERS:
I am helping 2 People enjoy TRUE HEALTH by 3/31/2011.

== Green Triangle: Wealth
I have 2 homes, one in Denver & one in Hawaii by 9/15/2016.

=II. Add Colors/Shapes to our existing Flash Cards

I was able to keep fairly consistent with applying the Colors/Shapes in the same manner:  

= Red for TRUE HEALTH, 
= Yellow for HELPING OTHERS, 
= Blue for Business, & 
= Green for Wealth. 

I added & colored the Colors/Shapes to my existing Flash cards while I listened to an Audio of my DMP & the Blueprint Builder. With the new Flash Cards for each of the Colors/Shapes, I have a total of 72 Flash Cards.

I divided them into 5 stacks & have sets in different places: next to my laptop, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, on my dining table where I eat, & in my pocket.

I’m reflecting on what’s different since I’ve been reading my Flash Cards. 

My old disempowering Thoughts are malnourished & lonely.  They are taking cover in the corners of my Subconscious Mind

My new empowering Thoughts are abundant in numbers, self-confident, & having so much fun that they are having a Jam Session. 

I like my how my Subconscious Mind is changing & I can see that My Mother God (my personalization of the Universal Mind) does too.     

I’m havin’ fun & growin’ with our 6 month Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA).

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I am NARCing my way to Success-wk15

Our Master Key program keeps stretching me & is helping me grow into a Strong Business Leader with my company. 

NARC has been a tough assignment for me.  NARC stands for Neurological Associative Reactive Conditioning.

The Steps of NARC are:

  1. Identify what Actions I resist doing. 
  2. Associate Pain with my not doing those Actions.
    Drop my DMP, PPNs, & Press Release into a Waste Basket. 
    Experience the Loss & Pain.
  3. Identify what Actions I need to do in order to retrieve those losses.
  4. As I do an Action, associate Pleasure with doing it.
    Retrieve my DMP, PPNs, & Press Release from the Waste Basket & visualize my Dream life in my Press Release.

My application of the Steps:

  1. Identify what Actions I resist doing.
    I put off calling prospects.
    I do not know what to say.
    I do not know how to get them started right.
    I do not have a good workable system for me working with my upline.
  2. Associate Pain with my not doing those Actions
    I dropped my DMP, PPNs, & Press Release into a Waste Basket. 
    I experienced the Loss & Pain:
    I will not have the results of my Definite Major Purpose.
    I will not have my Personal Pivotal Needs.
    I will not have my dream life in my Press Release.
    I will not have my homes in Colorado & Hawaii
    I will not have my dream kitchen
    I will not have my dream library.
    I won’t be able to support myself.
  3. Identify what Actions I need to do in order to retrieve those losses.
    I adapted the Master Key 3 Steps process specifically to my company.  Done.
    I partnered with my upline, who is not currently in the Master Key program in applying the Master Key 3 Steps process. Done.
    I set up a Conference Line.  Done.
    We applied the Master Key 3 Steps process with 2 of my Prospects.  Done.
    I invited Partners in my Company to listen in during our Calls. Most are not in the Master Key program yet & wanting to learn more about it.  Done.
    We will be driving the 3 Step system down & using it with more prospects.
  4. As I do an Action, associate Pleasure with doing it.
    As I do an Action, I retrieve my DMP, PPNs, & Press Release from Trash & visualize my dream life as in my Press Release.  Done.

I’m NARCing my way to Success!


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Guest Post-My Affirmation Tree by Grandma Kitty-wk15

Posted on 12/17/2010 by Grandma KittyQuantcast

Not Just For Christmas Anymore

Love Those MKMMA Combinations!

My AffirmationTree
Affirmation Tree


Ah December!  Out with the old — In with the new.  Gee, that sounds like what we’ve been learning in our Master Key Master Mind Alliance classes!  We learned to substitute new habits for old (Law of Substitution) and that by practicing these new habits, they become part of the “new me” each of us is working so hard to develop.

That’s the Law of Practice — one of the 7 Laws of the Mind we’ve been studying for the past twelve weeks  with Mark & Davene Januszewski and MKMMA.  And when we practice our new habits in combinations, they can more quickly become part of our “Subby” (subconscious mind) that controls every breath we take.  After all, practice makes perfect, and we have been studying the 5P’s – Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance!

So I decided to combine my small Christmas tree and my shapes/colors we’ve been using since early in the class.  Now every time I look at my little table-top tree, I see the blank ornament shapes, and automatically start calling off the affirmations that I’ve trained my Subby to associate with each color/shape combination.  How cool is that?

The yellow square represents 500 or more active Partners in my business before 27 June 2012.  (Happy Birthday to me – all landmarks fall on the 27th.)  The green triangle reminds me that I am consistently earning $20,000 per month residual income from my business before June 2013.  These two affirmations address the “Liberty” or financial freedom part of my Personal Pivotal Needs (PPN’s).

And for the “Autonomy” segment of my PPN’s, we have the blue rectangle, which is “Cruising and Crafts with the Kids” (my grandchildren, that is).  I have the time freedom to do this when and where the urge and opportunity arise by June 2014.

Last but not least, not by a long shot, the red circle represent the dream house in Central Texas that I own free and clear before 27 June 2015.  Look closely – that’s it in the middle of the star tree-topper.  WooHooo!

I’ve included these affirmations, among others, in the DMP (Direct Major Purpose in Life) I read several times daily, especially just before my morning meditation and before bed at night.  I also recorded myself reading them, put to music, and  loaded the recording onto the MP3 player I listen to all night every night.

Talk about great Practice for my Subby!  In fact, I’ve decided that used this way, my little tree is NOT just for Christmas any more.  I think I’ll keep my affirmation tree up beside my desk for awhile, even after the holidays have come and gone.

It really works.  I can see the results, and so can my family and friends.  But more about that in a later post. 

I Can Be What I WILL To Be!

Kathy's Signature
Kathy Burleigh
AKA “Grandma Kitty”

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How I’m Developing the Character Traits of a True Leader-wk15

Wow!  I get so much out of these Master Key exercises that Mark & Davene Januszewski created for us.

This Ben Franklin exercise is a brilliant twist of Franklin’s original approach.  By looking for these Positive Character Traits in others & myself has sharpened my awareness of their presence everywhere.

Our assignment was to copy the Character Traits from the list on the left onto the Chart, with our the Character Traits that to we needed to work on the most first.  Then we are to look for examples of that Character Trait in other people, animals, and even children.   When we observed that Character Trait in others or ourselves, we were to make a small dot in that square & note the number of dots as the week progressed.

I wasn’t sure how I would do with this exercise.  I’ve been close to home lately for a few reasons:

  • Recovering from oral surgery on an infected tooth.  I feel so much better with that infection gone.
  • Bitter cold weather making walking & public bus riding not real wise thing to do.
  • Our Condo mailboxes were vandalized & my company check was stolen & cashed.

It turns out that each of these events also had Positive impacts.

  • With my infected tooth removed, my energy has increased & I’m enjoying my Master Key assignments more & getting more work done on my business. 
  • While I’m working at home, I’m cooking healthy soups in my Crock Pot.  Today’s it is Lentil Soup.  Ono!  That’s Hawaiian for yummy.  The aroma while I’m working is wonderful & I’m filing my freezer with soup meals to heat up later.  Saves me cooking time, is healthier, & economical
  • I already knew that the people with my company are amazing people to partner in a business with.  We now have the information that my check was illegally cashed.  I sent the screen capture of that information to the PO Inspector, who is a delightful man.  We are all working diligently & in harmony.  My company just cut me a replacement check & I will be receiving it in a couple of days. 

I’m delighted with my results.  I’m writing lots of dots on my Chart & they are increasing each day & because of my increased awareness of these Positive Character Traits, I’m also able to see them in myself.  

Everyone in January thinks about how they would like to improve themselves.

Most people who make New Year’s Resolutions focus on what they want to get rid of.

Some people have figured out how to improve themselves by focusing on what they want instead.


I love these Master Key exercises & the Business Leader that I am becoming with my company.

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Lessons From Children on Harmony With God-wk15

During the last 3 months in this fabulous Master Key program, we’ve been learning the Power of our Thoughts & how to be in Harmony with our Universal Mind.  In my Post for wk14, I talk about my personalization of our Universal God as My Mother God.

It has been an incredible Journey thus far. What I’m observing is that I’m made life much too complicated. The more I observe Children, the more I desire to be like them.  In wk3, I labored over a complicated Diagram of how to achieve Harmony with our Universal Mind.

This week we are learning to open up to Insights from the Universal Mind.  The value of Insights enable us understand that their only value is in our application of the knowledge that we gained.

Here are some priceless examples of Children talking with God. Children:

  • Freely speak their Thoughts.
  • Ask never ending Questions.
  • Learn by doing.  Mistakes are simply learning experiences.
  • Take action on what they want.
  • When one way does not work, they just try another one.
  • Love having fun.

I hope that these Letters to God through the eyes of a Child inspire you as much as they do me.

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I am in Harmony With the Universal Mind-wk14

My assignment today for my Quiet Time was to experience Harmony with the Universal Mind.

Everyone knows that the concept of Universal Mind is so vast that it is beyond our comprehension. 

Most people personalize their concept of the Universal Mind in a way that they can relate to & comprehend.

  • My Christian friends refer to the Universal Mind as God.
  • My Native American friends refer to the Universal Mind as the Great Spirit.

I’ve also had the privilege in my previous & current careers to work with & getting to know people personally from various cultural & religious backgrounds.  I’ve observed that the more that we learn about each other, the more we discover that we are more alike than different.  I am of the belief that we are all relating to the same Universal Mind, each in our own way.

I give myself permission to personalize the Universal Mind in a way that is meaningful for me.  My Universal Mind is My Mother God.  The closest human example is my Grandma Muncy, who always had time to listen to our stories & hug us.  She adored us & nurtured us into becoming the person we were meant to be. 

My Mother God:

  • Loves & adores me.
  • Wants the best for me in Health & Prosperity.
  • Is nurturing, gentle, & caring.
  • Gives me gentle challenges to help me build strength in Confidence & Character.
  • Encourages me to embrace bold Personal Pivotal Needs & Definite Major Purpose.
  • Helps me become the person I was destined to be.
  • Believes in my greatness.

I am in Harmony with My Mother God. I am listening to Her for guidance of how I can become the person I was meant to be & what my purpose in life is.  I am learning to live a life of Gratitude. 

On Christmas Day, I had the opportunity to apply 2 great Lessons that My Mother God taught me.  I was at the Bus Transfer station.  My purpose in life includes:

  • Encouraging others.
    I heard Henry mentioned with excitement that he begins technical school in January.  I asked him to tell me more about it & I encouraged him.  He was so grateful for some encouragement & someone to believe in him.  We agreed to keep in touch.
  • Giving Joy to others.
    I saw a Spanish family of 5 running to their transfer bus.  The children were carrying brand new toys that they just received. Their small hands were so full, that they kept dropping them. I quickly handed them some bags to put their toys in as they ran for their bus.

I created an audio about My Mother God & listen to it just before I go to sleep at night.

I love my Mother God.

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Guest Post by Mark Januszewski-wk13

6 Must Knows Princples for Leaders in the Future

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The leadership methods of the past are not enough.

Leader of the Future Peter Drucker, made the Top 15 ……and with good reason.

The days of ‘Just Do It’ the way it is laid out will not cut it anymore.  This deals a dime a dozen out there today and more people looking and joining daily than ever before the ‘caveman’ approach to Leadership will is about as effective as an umbrella in a hurricane.

KEY: New people buy the leader BEFORE they buy the vision.

What does that mean?

It means that as bad as they want to get their husband off the road…..or pay for the kids education……or get their wife at home with the kids………..they will believe in YOU before that dream makes the longest journey in the world….from the head to the heart……once the dream gets to the heart…..things are better…….but they do not get great until they learn to lead……which, ironically, they learn from you.  So you better be good for 2 reasons….

1. It is YOU that facilitates the movement of their dream from the head to the heart.

2. It is YOU that teaches them to lead by what you do and what you say.

It today’s competitive market place…..and that combativeness is compounded by the internet… better be the leader of the future now…..not later.

See, the beauty of all the Tom, Dick and Harry’s believing ‘systems’ will do all the work for them and they never have to talk to anyone, [did their Momma’s teach them anything ? 🙂 ], it is that personal attention gives you an edge…..had a guy yesterday tell me he was ‘stunned’ I called.

But……and this is important….the people enrolling today, who are serious and not ‘lottery-heads’ [believing they don’t have to do anything but point and click], are more discerning and, if you learn and practice these 6 tiny things…..they will not only gladly follow but become leaders, real leaders.

1. Encourage their passion.

Don’t let what you think is important – plan, product, company, making money, etc., close your ears….find out what they are passionate about, write it down and make sure you build it into every conversation.  Most people go their whole life without someone asking them what is important to them…..find out and support that passion.

2. Enhance their ability

Find out what they can do well, teach them some skills to help them do better.  Link what you are teaching to their passion…… e.g. “I am asking you to learn this skill so we can get your husband off the road and then we can help other families have more time with each other..”

Once you share a few skills with them in areas that they are comfortable with….work WITH them to enhance that skill set.

3. Value their time

Most people start part-time and have a full-time job.  Their time is limited.  Value it.


Show up for appointments/3-ways early.

Be prepared.

Undivided attention.

Action focus.

4. Build their network

Don’t tell them what to do, do it with them.

Do you know how few people get this?

Then, do it with their people while they listen in.

Do you know even fewer people do this?

They learn what to do, hands on…..then you teach them how to teach others.

This 3-Deep Pattern is leadership, leadership of the future…..and for us, and new reps, the future is right now.

This so, so separates you from the ‘branded’ ..ahem, experts.

5. Support their dreams

This is different from their passion.

It is not some silly, ‘why’… is much deeper than that.

Find out, a week or two in, for them to paint a verbal picture of their life ……for you……once their credit card stuff is cleared up, hubby is now home…..and 15,000 a month or more is rolling in.

Find out what they would do if they owned their own life.

Once this happens, send [not email…..yuck], pictures of them in their dreams.

Commit to their dreams, know them inside out……get your upline involved with these ‘little things’ then DO THE WORK TO GET THEM>>>WITH THEM.

This is support, not lip service.

Get 3-4 people what they want and your business will be bigger than you can think.

1000s of MLMers……ask for a ‘why’ from an new rep but never look at it again.

I do…..I get the future and you can so separate yourself from the pack.

DO THE WORK WITH THEM and link the work you are doing together to their dream.

6. Expand their contribution

Networkers will work just as hard for recognition as money……I know what you are thinking….”I don’t care about that stuff, being on stage”

Well, that MAY be true….but it is not accurate.

It might be recognition from a spouse…..their Dad or Mom……no matter.

As they grow get the spotlight on them and make sure you are not their to take a bow with them.

Each success they have?  Get it in your newletter…..get them on conference calls…..not ready to train…..great, recognize and ask them to share ‘how they are doing it’…..and BANG:::> you’ve expanded their contribution.  Let other’s know what an important piece of the puzzle they are…..expand thier success into the group.

These simple and sound tips……all connected and so easy to do all 6 in the course of your day will …..make or break your ability to lead in the future.

And since you’ll be spending the rest of your life in the future…….isn’t it time to get to leading that way right now?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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Subconscious Minds Under Construction–wk12

We are just starting the 3rd month of our incredible 6 month Master Key course.  This week, we are assigned to create 25-30 flash cards with achievements, beliefs, & affirmations to carry with us & read them throughout the day.

Wow!  Like most people, I have more Disempowering Beliefs stored in my Subconscious Mind than I need.  These fat, ugly, & obnoxious Disempowering Beliefs have not served me well.

What we MKMMA students are doing, is to flood our Subconscious Minds with beautiful & healthy Positive Empowering Beliefs.  Pretty soon, our old Disempowering Beliefs will be crowded into the corners of our Subconscious Minds & from lack of reinforcement; they will weaken into skinny & malnourished inhabitants in our Subconscious Minds.

The nearly 100 students in our MKMMA class were already some of the most incredible Leaders I’ve ever met.  Can you imagine how much more incredible Leaders we are becoming?  We are reprogramming our Subconscious Minds to have zillions of beautiful & healthy Positive Empowering Beliefs & crowding out those skinny & malnourished Disempowering Beliefs.

Here are my Flash Cards:

I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful,
Loving, Harmonious, & Happy.
I won a Scholarship to the University of Hawaii.
I am Gonna Be What I Wanna Be!
I’ve lost over 50lbs & kept it off for over a year.
I make great Soy-Beef Meatballs.
I got my Health back.
I lost 8 more lbs.
I graduated from the University of Wichita.
I have TRUE HEALTH & the Vitality of
a Woman in her mid-40s.
I know that my PPNs are TRUE HEALTH
I am a great blogger.
I am a Master of Creative Solutions.
I am a Great Giver & a Generous Receiver.
I graduated from the University of San Francisco
I admire & model after
Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter & Mark Januszewski
I bring Joy to Others.
I have a beautiful Smile.
I add value to Other People’s lives.
I have beautiful Dark Brown eyes.
I love all people & especially enjoy Children.
I am great at creating
Healthy, Quick & Economical recipes.
I am a great Mentor.
I am a master of the Personality Colors.
I have wonderful friends.
I’m Gonna Be What I Wanna Be!
I am a great Seamstress.
I pray for all of the things that I desire.
& when I believe that they are mine,
I will receive them.       Mark 11:24
I am a Great Story Teller.
I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful,
Loving, Harmonious, & Happy.
I am great at managing my Money.
I am great at making new friends.
I always keep my promises.

What a valuable tool I just learned to pass onto my Team.

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More On Verse Mark 11:24-wk11

This week I have been concentrating the verse Mark 11:24 during my Quite Time.

One of the tips I’ve learned from Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter is to use simple ordinary words.  That gives me permission to ‘Tom-isize’ other’s words.  The scripture says:

Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray,
believe what ye them,
& ye shall have them.

My personal words are:

I pray for the things that I desire
& when I believe that they are already mine,
they will be given to me.

My Personal Pivotal Needs (PPNs) are True Health & Helping Others.  My Higher Power (Universal Mind) is a loving God. I know that She wants me to be Healthy, Prosperous, & Happy.

True Health

I love it when people guess that my age is much younger. It is fun when I get ‘carded’ on the public bus.  A Bus Driver said, “You can’t possibly be 65 yrs old.  Show me your ID.”

People on the bus who were catching a quick nap, woke up & others with earphones on unplugged them. With their eyes wide open, they watched the Bus Driver expecting him to kick this lady off the bus for trying to cheat on her bus fare.

It tickled me to quietly show him my ID showing that I’m 71 yrs old.

My affirmation says “I will lose 15 more lbs by 3/31.”  That’s 15 lbs in addition to the 50 lbs I’ve lost & kept off for over a year.  As of today, I only have 6 ½ lbs left to lose by 3/31.

Helping Others

It warms my heart when my example inspires others to strive for True Health & an active lifestyle that makes their younger family & friends green-eyed with envy.

I have several people on Facebook & 2 Twitter accounts following me with fascination. I’ve created an AWeber account & learning how to apply it.

I am Pursuing, I am Winning

In my Press Release dated in the future – 9/2015, I am living the life of my dreams.  I have received the results of my 2 PPNs and much more.

I know that one of the greatest principles of success is – when I persist long enough, I will win.  I ignore the obstacles at my feet & keep my eyes on my goals. I greet each day with confidence that this day will be the best day in my life.  In truth, one more step each day towards my goals & my Dreams that are already a reality in my Inner World today will become a reality in my Outer World tomorrow. I am perusing!  I am winning!

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